Welcome to swt creation,i am  based in northampton and the company was  established in 2012 and has become a well known cake boutique known for unique and vintage stunning cake designs, specializing in handmade courture cakes. I am recognised for my cupcake designs and vintage style and all of my cakes are made with the finest of ingredients locally sourced and are made fresh for our customers,all of my cakes I make sure have the greatest attention to detail and I pride myself in making unique and one off creations so you have the most amazing day my cakes don't just deliver on look i pride myself on taste aswell as making the best  flavours as you will see on my cake menu the taste for me is so important and that is why my cakes deliver on flavour too.

From being very little girl, i have always loved being in the kitchen helping my mum make cookies and cakes and yes lick out the bowl because she was such a good baker ! from baking and after going to chef college and being a pastry chef for many years,  i learned that making cakes was something i wanted to do full time,i love making cakes and aswell experimenting with new idea's on,menu's ,flavours all the time in my kitchen,i am so proud in what i have achieved so far and i am so lucky to be doing something that i truly luv and living the dream and that is making and designing cakes.